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Music in Worship

Lincoln Light Opera 1981-1999

Malley Patrick Keelan

John McCormack--Ireland's Greatest Tenor

Frank Patterson--Ireland's Golden Tenor

Richard Crooks--Tenor Voice of Firestone

Richard Tucker--America's Famed Verdi Tenor

Aroldo Lindi--Swedish Tenore di Forza

Robert Goulet--Sir Lancelot of Baritones


My CD, released in 2006, is comprised of "live" and studio performances recorded from 1983-2001, representing my voice from ages 35-53, from my Irish repertoire of many years.

For twelve years (1992-2004) our family worked in Southeastern Nebraska as the Keelan Family Musicians. I was the singer; my wife Colette (Kelly) the keyboardist; son (Sean) Michael a violinist/violist and daughter Maggie a harpist. We released several cassette tapes and CDs and enjoyed great popularity in Christmas concerts, Irish cabaret shows and on radio and television. We had the honor of working as assisting artists with Welsh harpist Robin Huw Bowen; Welsh tenor Geraint Wilkes and Irish poet Desmond Egan. Michael attended Baldwin-Wallace College of Music and the University of Virginia, Maryland campus and Maggie attended Northwestern College and Boston University. He then became a professional orchestral violinist, strings professor and host announcer for both Nebraska and Kansas Public Radio. Maggie chose to go into administrative philanthropy and now resides and works in the Pacific NW with her family.  This was the last time of dozens that we appeared together, at the annual Keelan Family Christmas Concert at Trinity United Methodist Church in December, 2004.


(right) Backstage at the 2003 Mayor's Arts Awards in Lincoln when I was honored with the prestigious Lincoln Arts Council Leadership in the Arts Award.



I was asked to share the studio stage at Nebraska ETV in August, 1999 with famed Irish concert tenor and recording artist Frank Patterson. Mr. Patterson flew to Lincoln to be the host of an on-air station fundraiser. He had been a favorite of mine for years and we even sang "Irish Eyes" together!



Sister Peg Keelan-White Peg died in Dec., 2009 of complications from treating acute leukemia after defeating breast cancer four years earlier. She was a career teacher at York High School of special needs students and after her initial illness she became an ardent activist of breast cancer support groups, helping many people. Peg was a Christ-loving person who brought kindness, understanding, joy and cheer to all around her, be they family, friends, students or strangers.  Her laughter was infectious!  We all miss her very much and always will.



(right) This is a "classic" department store professional Christmas photo from probably about 1952 or 1953. It shows three cousins, Bill Kaiser, Sid Keelan and Malley Keelan sitting on Santa's lap. This photo has taken on local fame as it was recently published in the best-selling book and in a deck of playing cards of Lincoln, NE childhood nostalgia "When I Was a Kid," by Mary Jane Nielsen and Jonathon Roth.

(below) Malley with cousins Sid Keelan and Bill Kaiser at a booksigning for "When I Was a Kid" on Feb. 28, 2010.  All three signed the Santa photo from the 1950s and Malley signed his article about the first Pinewood Bowl stage pre-1976.


 A family portrait with Maggie, Michael, Dad and Mom at Maggie's wedding dinner in December, 2009.  Wilderness Ridge Lodge.