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Lincoln Light Opera 1981-1999

Malley Patrick Keelan

John McCormack--Ireland's Greatest Tenor

Frank Patterson--Ireland's Golden Tenor

Richard Crooks--Tenor Voice of Firestone

Richard Tucker--America's Famed Verdi Tenor

Aroldo Lindi--Swedish Tenore di Forza

Robert Goulet--Sir Lancelot of Baritones


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A Nebraska small business since summer, 1979, Keelan's Music Shoppe was a "brick 'n mortar" store for seventeen years, from 1979-1996. We had hundreds of friendly clients during those years when we all listened to Lp records, cassette tapes and viewed VHS tapes, into the early years of compact discs and DVDs. With the advent of major music outlets in Lincoln in the 1990s we needed to reconsider our place and mission in the Lincoln music retail scene. By then we had started a harp sales/rental business and I have pursued my performance activities even more in the last fourteen years.


In recent years the internet has become a defining factor in how many of you choose to shop and purchase, and music internet down-loading has become a "norm"; however, we have discovered that many of you still prefer an actual "hard copy" CD or DVD for aesthetic and practical reasons.

We maintain our direct connections with the following distribution houses--

Harmonia Mundi; NaxosUSA; E-1 (formerly Koch Imports); Albany, Allegro and a few others.

These firms have large inventories of many different classical, jazz, easy listening, world (folk), ambient and musical theater/film labels. If you are searching for music or artists from particular labels such as Naxos, Chandos, CPO, da Capo, Hannsler, Ondine, Delos, Gothic, Newton Classics, Harmonia Mundi, Hyperion, Dutton or dozens of others please let us know and we may be able to be of service to you.* Please give us as much information as is possible regarding the artist, label and any catalog number. Unless you are in the Lincoln area we use U.S. Postal media mail or first class mail and will charge accordingly. Classical music is our special interest, but we will try to help you find other types of music, too.

Thank You!


Malley Keelan

Please write or e-mail us at the following contacts:

LarkSong Music Service

PO Box 67225 Lincoln, NE 68506


*Please note we no longer have access to companies like Sony/RCA; EMI/Angel/Capitol or Universal (London/Philips/DGG) and advise you to seek their product through ITunes; Tower Records; ArkivMusic or CD Universe. Amazon and Ebay are sources for out-of-print or difficult-to-find items.